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I get a lot of questions on how much a design costs and I really can´t say much about it until I know what you are looking for since every design is unique in its own way.

It´s a good idea to come up with a budget for the artwork before contacting me. This way I can have your budget in mind when calculating the time needed, doing initial sketches, considering ideas and techniques.

The final cost depends primarily on how many hours the client wants me to put down on a comission. Generally speaking, one can say that the more details and figures, the longer it takes. If the assignment is of a character where I am to create a whole concept, then of course the time requirement is greater than that of an assignment where everything is specified.

To obtain quality I have decided not to take “low budget” commissions. If I don’t have enough time to put into a project the result will not be very good.

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