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We want to work with you, how does it work?

Before you contact me it would be a good idea to consider the following:
Idea – Do you have an initial idea? Describe it in as much detail as possible.
Budget – How much will it cost overall?
Payment – Who pays for my work? (The record/merch company or the band)


Take a good look at my previous work and pick out a few pieces that are in line with the style you have in mind. If there’s anything you absolutely want to avoid, tell me about that too. If you’re a band, send links to your music and other album art you find appealing.


I get a lot of questions on how much a design costs and I really can´t say much about it until I know what you are looking for. Every design is unique in its own way. The price depends on factors as technique, complexity of the design and detail, it´s really about how much time I can put into the commission. It´s a good idea to come up with a budget for the artwork before contacting me. This way I can have your budget in mind when calculating the time needed, doing initial sketches, considering ideas and techniques.


When we have agreed on a budget, concept, and timescale, I usually start by creating rough sketches. There’s plenty of room to bounce ideas around and discuss look and feel at this stage. I’ll suggest techniques, choice of colors, mood, and more. Remember that this is an early stage, and that sketches do not reflect the final result – it’s more about composition. I’d rather put more energy into the final piece than trying to produce great sketches, so please don’t be afraid if the sketches do not reflect the quality of production you’d expect in a finished piece. The goal of this part of the process is not to create something pretty, but to establish what should be pretty in the finished piece. E.g., should the giant swan looming above ancient technology be on the left or right side of the picture? Should the sky be blood red or blue? It’s important that you’re happy with the direction at the end of this stage, because the further we progress after this the harder it is to make changes.


When you’re happy with the sketches and direction of the project I’ll begin working on the original. I’ll keep you up to date and will expect you to be available to respond to any queries and give feedback.

If I’ve been working by hand then I’ll digitalize the picture at the end of the process and add the finishing touches – there’s room to change color shades, light/dark, contrast, etc. When you’re satisfied with the picture I’ll prepare it for delivery.



After I recived payment I will deliver the hi-resolution artwork files. Normally as a TIFF or Photoshop file.
I always keep the originals if there is an actual original piece, like a drawing or a painting.

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